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3 Reasons Why

to Upgrade Your Irrigation System

with a WiFi Smart Controller

      Although an irrigation controller is not something we typically think about often, it may be something to consider to upgrade. 
***NOTE:   we install Rain Bird, Hunter and Rachio smart controllers.


1. Great For Diagnosing Issues

Irrigation systems are a mystery to most of us, making it difficult to diagnose a leak or break in the system without a professional. Installation of a smart controller can remedy this. When combined with the handy Rain Bird mobile app, you’ll always be in control; if there is danger of freezing temps or more seriously, a short in the system, you’ll be notified. Furthermore, if you do wind up needing a technician, Rain Bird displays useful information your technician will need to get your system up and running again.

2. They Can Save You Money

While the cost of installing a new Rain Bird or other smart controller may seem daunting, the savings alone will more than pay for your new investment. On average, homeowners save 30% more water that would otherwise be wasted due to overwatering. Rain Bird uses “Automatic Seasonal Adjust” when determining your landscape’s watering needs. This setting takes three things into consideration: the average historical weather data for the current month, what the weather was yesterday, and what the weather is supposed to be tomorrow. No more wondering if your system is actually watering your lawn, or worse—watering your lawn while it’s raining. All that water savings can equate to big money saving for you!

3. The Power is in your hands - On your phone or tablet!

For more information on Rain Bird’s smart controllers, accessories and technology, visit

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